• Why should I choose West Robin Media for my project needs?

    • We take pride in our high rated customer service satisfaction. This means that we do not rest until you are happy.
      The majority of companies today  have cookie cutter pricing, and cookie cutter products. We offer customization to the highest level. We can customize your job, your price, your production, and change every detail to make you happy. That is what separates us from our competition.​

  • What are the prices? 

  • How do I schedule an order?

  • How do I download my __________?

    • Upon project completion you will receive all of your content via email with links to download your files.​ For Virtual Tours, please Log in to your account and check tour/project status.

  • Weekends?

    • Our staff is working Monday-Friday. However we are always willing to ask our photographers to work weekends.​ We charge an additional $50 for this to be put towards the photographer as an incentive.

  • How did we figure out our pricing?​​

    • We developed a very comprehensive price list that offers an extensive range of cost. As creators we love to help anyone we can, and will always do our best to build a cost effective package together for you. Never hesitate to ask or contact us for how we can fit your needs and budget into the same project.​​​​

  • Pricing and Quality

    • As mentioned above we always create pricing for what we value the service to be. What we offer is a professional product at much lower cost than our competition. We strive to always fulfill and exceed the expectations of every client of ours.​​​

  • What's the primary difference between Standard and Luxury Photos?

    • Standard photos are regular photos which are edited for color, exposure, and sharpness leaving you with a brilliant composition image.
      Luxury Photos are taken much more into detail with with much more editing. We often combine many exposures to showcase every fine detail of the subject property. With both, you'll still see professional quality, however luxury calls for much more detail and close editing.​

  • What's the primary difference between Standard and Luxury Videos?

    • Just as mentioned above, there is much more editing that goes into both standard and luxury options. The difference between photos and videos are that when filming, we have to fill much more light in and setup a lot more gear. 
      The primary differences between luxury and standard videos are within the type of property we are covering. Large homes have much different features than a standard sized. Contact us if you're unsure what type of property you have.​

  • How soon can I expect to receive my photos/videos?

    • Most Photo projects are next business day delivery, however different projects bring shorter or extended periods of wait time for the delivered product. Video Projects are also on a variable time schedule. We will inform you of the return time on your project when booked. Square footage, features, package size, etc all tie into time periods as more post production editing that needs to happen will take longer time periods. On average you can expect a 3-5 day return for Video, and 1-2 days on photos. 

  • Where areas do you serve? 

    •  We are located in Orange County, CA but our service range goes into Inland Empire, San Bernardino County, Riverside County, Los Angeles County, San Diego County and service most of the cities in side of those areas. However we must say there are some properties that are outside of our service area. This is simply resolved by our 'out-of-area' charge. Please Contact Us for more information about this.

  • Can I make changes to my projects?

    • You can make changes to your virtual tours by logging in to your profile and selecting the tour you would like to make changes to. For our custom videos we generally don't get requested to make changes, however your satisfaction is our primary concern so if you're unhappy we want to make things right. In order to minimize the chance of any changes needed, we make sure to ask all of the questions up front. There will be further charges for multiple sets of revisions, for questions, please ​Contact Us.

  • How do I upload my virtual tour, video, etc to my MLS?

    • While we are not MLS experts, we are always willing to help, Contact Us ​ and we will try to help. We reccomend contacting your MLS board for a walkthrough, although we are still here to do what we can to help. If you're unable to locate your links for your tours, please let us know, we are happy to help.

  • How do I get my virtual tour or video onto Facebook?

    • ​We recommend downloading whatever your favorite photos are of the property and posting those with the link to the video/virtual tours. The other alternative is to copy and paste the link directly into your Facebook,twitter, Instagram bio section, and the corresponding images and previews should populate.​

  • Tour Questions?

    • ​Create an account if you do not have one already, if you're having trouble accessing your tours, please refer to the support page in your profile, or give us a call to help you get what you need​​. Contact Us

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