There are many things that go into making a great video.. This is why it's important to find a media company that fits your needs and matches your style. We'd like to consider ourselves masters of this craft. With many clients satisfied and projects from small apartments to million dollar mansions, West Robin Media delivers.

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We find it important to express why videos are important and what they’re best used for.
Video is meant to entertain, draw in viewer attention all while giving them a reason to want more. The primary objective is to reach buyers and get your listing sold. Video’s are meant to be a showcase summary of what the home is, what it has to offer, how the features boast, and an outline to attract potential buyers all while pleasing your listing clients.
Photos allow viewers to ponder and imagine themselves in the space captured in the photo while the videos will initiate the attention of the viewer.
The length of the videos varies but we are always sure to capture the essence of the entire home. In order to achieve capitavation and engagement from the audience, the clips are precisely edited both with visual and audio elements paired and synchronized to the theme of the home.


Unlike a lot of other media brands, we do not use the "cut & Paste" or "cookie cutter" methods when producing videos. Every one of our video's we produce is custom and made to order. We do not use any automatic post production software. We manually go through every detail and clip to ensure the best quality production.
Attract attention, impress your sellers, and “WOW” any listing presentation!

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