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Aerial MEDIA

As we continue to progress with technology, the aerial media industry increases in size.

 Aerial phtoography and video is not only looked at as an exciting new way to market, but it also adds invaluable perspective which is very valuable for real estate, architecture and construction. 

Allow the experts at West Robin to give you the images and videos you need to maximize your listing potential.

We pride ourselves on the quality of the media we produce. West Robin pilots are not only FAA licensed for commercial operation but also experts in photography and video.
This offers and ensures you the the best possible quality of media alongside of the best level of professionalism. 

Here are some examples of what aerial images/video can offer

  • High angle aerial views with map style views showcasing the entire property and land.

  • Mid angle aerial views that capture all angles of the home, it’s layout, features, and property line.

  • Low elevation shots that give a unique perspective angle of the property that typical property photography cannot. 

  • The neighborhood and surrounding area, including the home’s proximity to amenities.

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