One of our specialties is twilight photography. Scroll down for more information.


Unless you've had this service before, you're probably unsure what twilight is. Twilight is the term used to describe the style of photography which captures the home in some of the finest lighting. This showcases all the important features in a well lit environment by creating a composition image with perfectly exposed photos.

Every home brings its own challenges and opportunities with many variables to consider to determine the number of photos we finish with. Larger spaces take more time to capture, more areas to light up, and a number of other variables.
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As you can see below, we're able to work with and around many different types of lights. In the photo above you can see a photo that was taken at the same property with a different type of light on a different night with clouds in the sky. The Client wanted us to return for re-marketing this property and asked us to be creative. So we decided to use more warm lighting from the fire pit, and shoot the photo towards the end of the twilight period while using white cold light to show contrast of the features.

 This resulted in a much more unique photo, but surely draws your attention by the excitement!

 See the final product below!

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