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Covid-19 - Our Response to the Real Estate Market & how to show your listings and maximize online.

You'll want to read this entire post...

Amid the obvious crisis we are experiencing, it is only a matter of time before business begins to slow down.


This doesn't mean that people wont be buying and selling homes..

Our Response to COVID-19

When homes are photographed, in addition to wearing a mask and goggles, we will sanitize ourselves and our gear prior to entering the home. As updates come in from state and federal level officials, we will adjust accordingly. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of online and digital products.

Now..Lets start with this…

What will people be doing now they are being told to stay inside?

They’ll be online! As with all things, tech is becoming more prevalent in the real estate industry. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to capture the attention of the millions of internet users.

More than ever we will be realizing that online marketing for your business is ESSENTIAL.

This means you will need a well canvased internet presence.

We have a free marketing guide available for download to get your started

Now Lets talk about how you can keep doing business!

Time to maximize online...

Instead of having to mitigate the risk of people coming in and out of your listings, you can use property websites for your listings so the prospective buyer can have an immersive experience in each home you list. Property websites we provide have extensive features and you can upload a wide variety of media supporting 3D tours, Matterport, Photos, Videos, Plans, Docs,+ More.

Aside from property websites, there are many other ways to optimize online..

What better time & opportunity than now to start building your branding right?

We can help you setup and build things such as:

-Landing Pages and Websites

-Property Websites

-Social Media Acct Optimization

-Marketing Media for Social Media Posts

-Facebook Business Page

-Online Ads



-Profile Header Graphics

-Logo Design

-Lead Capture

-Email Marketing

-Graphic Design


Now for the Property Websites

These websites offer a quick and easy way to boost your online potential with one of our feature packed premium property websites with 14 options to choose from..

FREE with photography/video/aerial media orders in Southern California Or use your own photos and media to upload for only $39.99. Normally $54.99!

Featuring professionally designed marketing media for you to access!

FREE for a limited time.

Social Media templates available for download and customization


Track the impact of your marketing efforts from your property dashboard. See who's viewing your property and which campaigns are driving the most leads. You can even see where your efforts are most effective with specific site tracking.

Get notified as soon as a lead makes contact, route leads to team members, and never miss out on an opportunity to follow up and win the client.

Lots of stuff right?

These are just a FEW of the awesome services and products we offer.

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Remember! Free Site with Purchase of photography

When you hire West Robin Media to capture photos for you, you will receive a complimentary property website and a turn key site delivery.

How are we handling COVID-19? when homes are photographed, in addition to wearing a mask and goggles, we will sanitize ourselves and our gear prior to entering the home.

In addition to our photo and video services we offer

To get in contact or make an order, please click here



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