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Real Estate Marketing Online

Right now people across the nation are realizing it's now that time to learn how to market themselves and their listings online...

While some states are allowing real estate as an essential business activity, showings, open houses, face to face contact related activities have been halted.

Good thing for all of us involved, it's 2020 and there are MANY solutions for all of the above and we will even take it a step further in this post to discuss in more detail exactly what you can do. and yes, people are still buying and selling homes..

Agents, Wholesalers, Investors, etc.. They are all staying busy and making moves!

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We've packed this post with A LOT of information, a lot of which is also featured in our upcoming launch of guides, e books, webinars and more.

In the contents below we will talk about creative ways to continue in real estate, the transition into an online market, online marketing resources, social media tips & benefits, 3D virtual tours and a few other marketing points to help you out.

Resources and tools for real estate marketing

First things first, we always recommend using a property website.

Even if it's a flip, rental, investment property, or just a regular standard listing.

You'll benefit from having a single property website where all of the information, documents, plans, photos, videos, 3D, & more can be seen along with your name, branding, contact info and most important your lead capture to convert more customers into clients when they're on your page. This link goes EVERYWHERE you can post it. Facebook, zillow, online forums, online groups, twitter, instagram, text message to your clients, embedded in your email list, etc..

Before we begin, here is a bonus: our property sites can be used anywhere in the US by anyone in real estate, construction, architecture and other related industries, and then shared with as many people as you can reach on a wide variety of platforms. We even offer custom domains. Its as easy as purchasing a property site then uploading your own photos via the back office, then we'll publish it from there.

Although we recommend using a professional photographer, you can use our websites even with cell phone pictures and still benefit from the property website and back office.

The Transition...

Now is the time to let those creative juices flow. You need to practice ingenuity and take advantage of the resources that are out there.

Open houses? Now you're going live on your social media feeds

Showings? Now you're sharing 3D virtual tours and property websites

Next step is FaceTiming clients while you preview the home (check your local guidelines)

Disclosures? Now sent with E-sign (Take the time to introduce this to clients who haven't used this service before so they become familiar, master the system yourself)

Meetings? FaceTime, Video Chat, Zoom, Skype, The list goes on... Use what applies.

Leads? That device that you carry everywhere with you? It still calls people... Find a list, or maybe do follow ups but CALL CALL CALL. You may hear a lot of no's, but be respectful, courteous and have a proven script and you're sure to see some sort of results.

You get the idea right? This is what we call taking the ball and running with it. Think of how resources can benefit you and use it to your advantage.

Social Media Done Right

Make sure you have these platforms downloaded and profiles setup.

(Just to name the major few, there are many more)

With the cost of signing up to these being free, your ROI potential is very high. Make sure you setup all profiles with your branding materials, logos, links, and strong bio's.

If you need help with getting these setup and optimized, we can help you.

When we refer to the engagement and reach numbers, its usefulness is found within the ability to track which efforts are the most effective and which ones are not.

If you've got a personal website, make sure you're using it!

Facebook Business Page

Be sure you have a page separate from your personal page. This opens up a realm of tools that you can use to your advantage including analytics, paid advertising, publishing tools and more. All while you keep your business exclusive to your business page and share those posts to your personal feed.

You can even share your business page with your friends for them to like it and be able to see what you have to offer.

Once you've set yourself up, search for some groups to join!

for example you might search "City you live in real estate sales" or "State you live in Wholesale Deals" things of that nature. Join them, share your valuable posts that fall within page guidelines and keep consistent on your business page.


Post interesting content and share stories day to day with what you have going on. Even if you're at home, post about what you're doing, or maybe a question, but keep engaging in a consistent way. When it comes to profile setup you may also find it useful to have a business account activated on here. This will give you additional insight to the user engagement to your pages which helps to track a number of items. Show people what you're doing in an organic way and interact with your followers.

Dont be fooled by the likes, focus on your own numbers...

Most accounts you see have or still do purchase fake likes, followers etc.

DO NOT lose site of who and what you are as a result of whatever "they" are doing.

While you don't have to be the most popular, or have the best photos, when you make your content interesting and valuable to your followers, they'll be way more inclined to interact. Post actionable advice, infographics, interactive video, business updates and more!


Get on twitter, follow people in the same fields as you and anybody you know personally, you'll likely learn A LOT. Interaction happens fast here and the ability to reach people here is exponential in value. Share what expertise you have with others, talk about your current business happenings and see what others have to say. Twitter also offers the ability to have conversations with strangers who are talking about the same topics as you with a lot more knowledge and may even consider tweeting them and asking a question or two! (in a logical, sensible and respectful way and be sure you cant just google the questions already).

Google My Business

We saved the best for last.. This is less of a social media platform in the ways we think of them, but very worth while to mention. Get your page setup on google my business now.

As you'll notice, whenever you search on google, more and more frequently the search engine compiles results for you. Not only that, but if someone searches your business or company, team, agency, whatever it may be on google, you NEED to be in control of what they see.

Making sure your service offering, your location of service, and representation of who and what you do setup here is very important.

Honorable Mentions:


Linktree is a great tool to showcase all of your links in one place.

For instance you can:

  • Highlight your most important links

  • See daily clicks and views

  • Measure link performance with Click-Through Rates

  • Link to all your social platforms and website with Icons

  • Customize your Linktree colors, button styles and fonts.

Some of these extra fees need to be paid, but With the free version you can:

  • Add unlimited links

  • See very basic Analytics stats

  • Choose between basic themes

Thats more than enough to have all of your links in one place. Make sure to link all of your current properties/listings, your website, social media profiles, and whatever else you have to share.


Not a social media platform, but there are TONS of features to utilize on this site.

There are very few names in real estate technology that are as dominant as Zillow. 

With that said, home buyers, sellers and investors continue to love it.

As a Realtor if you’re trying to help your clients buy or sell a property, then you need to be using Zillow. Whenever your listings are posted, you have the ability to edit details all through your agent profile. Take advantage of every little opportunity that it provides!

5 Content Creation Strategy tips:

1. Make sure your layout looks good

2. Easy to read fonts & colors

3. Updated and relevant

4. Make It shareable

5. Use strong headlines

Here are some easy tips to get optimized on social media.

Social Media Profiles: Get all of your profiles set up with a uniform presence with a strong bio and link that connects people to the things you have to offer.

• Link In Bio: It's very important that you feature a link with direct access to more info on a property, your agency, company, etc, Preferably a combination of access to them all.

GO LIVE! Live video on social media platforms (use whichever following base is largest)

Bringing in traffic: promote your live video by posting things like “Going live Tomorrow at 9am to answer questions about things like: Listings inventory, how you market your listings during this time, Whats happening in the market, how to get lending right now, updates to CAR forms, etc. Items that are interesting)

When going live, consider pairing with another agent, team, firm, person to go live with so you can combine audience potential. Keep it relevant, your sisters cousins aunt doesn't need to be on the live with you unless they're asking a question!

During Live, Ask for questions from your audience

Begin posting eye catching images with graphics and designs for better engagement (We include FREE marketing assets with our property tour service)

Engage, engage, ENGAGE! Respond to all comments, messages and interact with your audience. Encourage people to have a conversation with you.

So we've established moving forward that a digital/online presence will be an essential in the real estate industry..

This change will seem as though it happened overnight as the tech savvy individuals who have already been using this technology and optimizing their websites and profiles online slowly pull into the lead with their ability to market and showcase themselves and their properties.

What media and marketing services will help?

Property Websites + Photos + Videos + 3D

Our property sites + features can be used by any & all agents - ANYWHERE.

Sites are free for those who use us for photos/videos/etc which we encourage, however we know a lot of our clients, subscribers and followers are not on the west coast where we are located.

So to benefit all agents, sites are on sale for $39.99 (Normally $54.99) for those who do not use us for media.

If you want to provide your own photos, thats totally fine!

Order a site with us, we will activate your property site, then upload your photos!

Free with sites:

Full access to our 1 click marketing media/assets which include professionally designed media templates for social media, brochures, flyers, + custom designs all featuring the media for the specified listing.

Perfect for quick sharing to social media, sending out flyers, postcards, which you can also attach to the tour for viewers to download.

3D Virtual Tours are a convenient way for potential customers and clients to see the houses they're interested in from the comfort of their living room couches, meaning they can spend less time physically going from house to house (which is not allowed right now for the most part) and can pre-screen any houses that fit their criteria, so they're only visiting houses they're truly interested in which in turn saves time, effort and energy from being wasted.

Property site includes many features like:

  • One Stop landing place for agent to showcase the property, its features, and capture leads to convert, while the agents get to show pro marketing to sellers and buyers upping their overall appeal.

  • Branded & MLS Compliant Unbranded property website links

  • Host 3D, Photos, Videos, Docs, Plans + More

  • 14x Property Website Templates

  • Lead Generation and Capture Tools

  • Easy Social Media Sharing

  • Mobile Optimized Sites

  • Snapshot and Detailed Tour Statistics with Traffic Sources

  • Open House Info

  • Powerful back-office management system

  • Responsive Design for desktop and mobile device usage

  • Shareable Tour Stats via Email

  • Add your branding

  • Full Agent Profiles

  • Select from multiple property site layouts

  • Add tour banners and headlines

  • Download photos in web and print sizes

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All rights reserved. No portion of this blog may be reproduced in any form without permission from the publisher, except as permitted by U.S. copyright law. For permissions contact us

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