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Why Realtors should hire a professional real estate photographer

Why you need a Professional Photographer in Real Estate

Far too many real estate agents still rely on low-quality images taken on their cell phones. It doesn’t impress online viewers, and it makes your brand look unprofessional.

Hiring a professional photographer is the easiest way to get gorgeous images for your listing. It's especially valuable when you can use a property website which we offer nationwide can be found here

Here are some reasons you should hire a professional:

Unlike years ago, when people depended solely on a realtor to search for homes, most prospective homebuyers today are proactive on the internet, using their electronic devices to look for real estate properties before even meeting with a real estate agent.

In fact 92% of Americans use the internet to shop for homes. We believe that number will grow increasingly higher too!

Hiring a great professional real estate photographer can mean the difference between selling a property in weeks versus months.

Using a Professional Real Estate Photographer Can Save You Time and Stress

It takes a considerable amount of time to take good quality photos. In addition to taking photos, you also have to properly edit and process the images, this can cause stress and take a lot of time, which is something you don’t need as a busy real estate agent.

When you hand over these jobs to a professional, you can spend more time with your clients as well as marketing your properties.

You Listings Will Likely Sell Faster

One of the main benefits of using a professional real estate photographer is that it can result in a home selling faster. According to a recent report, listings that used professional real estate photos sold 32% faster than listings that did not have professional photos. If you’re a realtor, quicker sales can mean you receive your commission checks much sooner. What’s more, there’s less risk in having a contract failing to go through.

Professional Real Estate Photographers Have Specialized Equipment and Experience

Considering that professional real estate photographers have specialized software and equipment that most people don’t have with their simple point-and-click cameras. Dark rooms that don’t have enough natural light aren’t a problem for professional real estate photographers as they’re equipped with the proper lighting, advanced lenses, Photoshop knowledge and other equipment.

Although having specialized equipment is important, it takes more than this to capture an professional photo. You need to have the specific skills and training to photograph a property so that it displays the best appearance possible.

We even go as far as attempting to tell a story with the flow of our photos on our property sites.

Professional real estate photographers are experienced in being “visual stagers,” meaning they know how to examine each room in a house, including vacant rooms, so they can take stunning photos. For example, professional photographers know how to make the best use of light and capture just the right angles. Furthermore, they’re trained and skilled at knowing which features need to be highlighted. Using post-production software, they’re able to display a property so that it stands out for buyers.


Both sellers and buyers respond to photos and videos. Every online retailer knows this concept. The ones that provide dynamic, detailed photos that are clear gain the customers trust and a therefore a greater reputation. Real estate is now bought and sold online — buyers go right to the web to check out homes, striking ones that don’t look good as they go and then you've eliminating a sale. This is your first place as an agent to make a great impression about the home and about your capabilities!

If you'd like to learn more about a real estate marketing and online business, we've developed an entire line of online products for you to access and download.

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